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Cortest autoclave systems are used for high pressure and high temperature (HPHT) test applications including: corrosion testing, electrochemical studies, corrosion inhibitor analysis, shear stress analysis, slow strain rate testing, and more. When paired with one of our Magnetic Stirrers or Circulating Flow Loop Systems, our Autoclaves may be used for dynamic testing applications.

Cortest has been building safe and reliable autoclave systems for over 40 years and offers standard system designs as well as custom configurations to meet the most demanding of applications. Each pressure vessel is designed in accordance to the ASME Section VIII Div. 1 standard. PED, CSA, CE, DOSH, and the China Special Equipment Manufacture License certificates are available upon request.

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Static Coupon Holders

For our autoclave systems, we offer static coupon holders that can be mounted on the underside of the lids. Each of the coupons on these holders is electronically isolated. These holders can accommodate the necessary size of coupon needed for the specific volume to surface area ratio. We currently have holders that can hold 1-9 coupons. The shaft material will be the same as the vessel material.

Dynamic Coupon Holders

Along with the static coupons, we offer dynamic coupons that can be mounted on the stirrer shaft. These are used to subject coupons to a turbulent flow in a corrosive environment. The coupons are electronically isolated. These holders hold two coupons and are manufactured from the vessel material.

Rotating Cylinder Electrode

The Rotating Cylinder Electrode (RCE), as described in ASTM G185, is a cylindrical shaped specimen attached to a stirring shaft which rotates at a specific speed. The specimen is electrically isolated from the other components in the system and the corrosion on its outer surface is measured. At various speeds, the surface of this electrode specimen is subjected to various boundary layers and flow effects. At Cortest, we have developed a system that can accommodate any size specimen. This system can be fitted to any existing autoclave and used at temperatures up to 220°C (428°F) and pressures of 15.1 MPa (2,200 PSI). Ports can be included in the lid for electrochemical probes.

Rotating Coupon

As described in ASTM G184, the rotating cage is another popular method to evaluate corrosion inhibitors. By spinning the rotating cage at various speeds, experimenters are able to test the specimens in various flow environments. These coupon holders are two precision-machined PEEK plates with set screws to attach to a stir shaft to be used in our high temperature high pressure autoclaves. Up to 8 specimens sized 75mm L x 19mm W x 3mm T can be held in these disks.



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