Ambient Condition Environmental Chambers


Cortest Ambient Condition Environmental Chambers include a variety of pull through vessels as well as glass electrochemistry cells. The pull through vessels are commonly used in Proof Ring Test SystemsDeadweight SystemsCERT/SSRT, and Corrosion Fatigue Load Frames. The electrochemistry test cells are typically used for various standalone laboratory tests.

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Cortest also offers Pyrex vessels as another ambient condition vessel. These vessels are custom blown from Pyrex glass. Despite the fragility of these vessels, their specimen seals are designed such that the impact of the specimen failure is not absorbed by the test cell. These vessels are made of Pyrex, making them ideal for aggressive environments that standard acrylic test cells may not be suitable for. Further, these test cells will not discolor from use during testing. These vessels can also be used in Cortest Load Frames or Deadweight Testers.

The vessel that is most commonly used with Cortest Proof Rings is the ambient condition vessel. With 330 mL capacity, these vessels use an acrylic top and bottom plate, a Pyrex glass wall, and have o-ring seals. One option for these vessels includes the installation of quick-connect fittings, these fittings allow for quick connection of gas in/out lines without the use of any tools. Another option that can be added to the acrylic vessel is the Cortest environmental control coil. When connected to an environmental controller, the C-276 coil can be used to regulate the test solution temperature. Each vessel accommodates one tensile specimen. Top and bottom plates are available to accommodate a variety of different diameter tensile specimens up to 12mm (1/2”) in diameter. These vessels can also be used in Cortest Load Frames or Deadweight Testers.

Elevated temperature vessels are another vessel option that we offer. These vessels have a Pyrex glass wall installed between two metal top and bottom plates. O-rings are placed in between the end plates and the glass wall to provide sealing. These vessels can accommodate a variety of different specimen sizes just like the standard acrylic vessels do. Using the two cartridge heaters supplied with the vessel, these 0.25-Liter vessels can reach temperatures up to 100°C (212°F) at ambient pressure. A type K thermocouple is included to monitor the solution temperature. Heating control may be achieved with the use of a Cortest Model 12.6 temperature controller. These vessels can also be used in Cortest Load Frames or Deadweight Testers.

For standalone laboratory tests, we offer highly customizable electrochemistry test cells. The pyrex vessels can be manufactured to include ports for electrochemistry probes, chemical injection, drain, and sampling of the test solution. Custom ports can be added to either the lid or body of the test cells. These vessels are rated for use at temperatures up to 95°C (203°F) and at ambient pressure. Available options include: quick-connect fittings, custom gas supply panels, test cell filling systems, and a variety of electrochemistry probes. These highly customizable test cells are a great option when looking for a test cell that can be used for a variety of different experimental test set-ups.



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