Case Study


Recently, a prominent petroleum research institute in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) sought an extensive supply of customized laboratory equipment to equip their newly constructed, state-of-the-art electrochemistry and corrosion laboratories. The equipment would be used for many different applications but largely to evaluate corrosion inhibitors through bubble tests, foaming tests, interface performance tests, contact time tests, condensing corrosion tests, emulsion tests, and jet impingement tests. The scope of supply ranged from simple graduated cylinders to highly customized, high pressure, and high temperature test systems. Cortest, Inc. was awarded the contract for this supply. Following the contract award, the Cortest team conducted a site visit at which time a project kick-off meeting took place followed by a thorough site tour to better understand the institute’s vision for where all of the different equipment would be installed. Following the site visit, Cortest embarked on a rigorous design phase in which equipment design ideas were passed back and forth with the customer until a final design for each test system was reached.

Equipment production soon commenced. Engineered equipment included customized glass test cells, test solution delivery systems, gas distribution panels, a low pressure/low temperature jet impingement test system, and a high pressure/high temperature jet impingement test system. Additional equipment supplied included: 3-D microscope, graduated cylinders, balances, scales, potentiostats, pH probes and transmitters, DO probes and transmitters, strobe lights, heat guns, desiccators cabinets, laboratory ovens, specimen polishing machines, and vacuum pumps. A representative from the research institute visited the Cortest factory to conduct an inspection and factory acceptance test for all of the equipment included in the supply.

Cortest then conducted the installation and commissioning of all the supplied equipment at the customer’s site. This project was a huge success and another example of Cortest’s ability to adapt its proven designs to the specific needs of the customer.



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    CORTEST Headquarters

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    P: 440.942.1235   |   F: 440.942.0327

    ©2017 CORTEST and all work represented. All rights reserved.