Recently, a large steel mill in South America sought to develop a new state-of-the-art laboratory to conduct testing under NACE TM0177 and NACE TM0284. An existing building would be renovated to house the new laboratory. The scope of supply would include Proof Rings, HIC tanks, fume hoods, duct work, exhaust gas neutralization tanks, H2S scrubbers, gas bottle storage cabinets, gas sensors, and a complete laboratory monitoring system. After conducting a site visit and holding technical discussions, Cortest, Inc. was awarded the contract for this supply. Upon being awarded the supply contract, Cortest embarked on a rigorous design phase in which all equipment was designed and laid out to fit within the renovated building that the customer had planned to use for the new laboratory. Equipment positioning, gas sensor locations, duct work routing and sizing, gas line routing, and exterior foundation requirements were all carefully planned out and presented to the customer so that they could begin preparing the site for installation.

Immediately following the design phase, production of equipment commenced. As equipment production was completed a mock-up of the customer’s site was made at the Cortest factory to insure proper fitment of all interconnecting pieces. Having the ability to mock-up the installation allows Cortest to resolve any unforeseen issues prior to the equipment arriving on-site where resolving such issues may not be done very easily.

Once the assembly of all equipment was determined to be satisfactory all equipment was prepared for international ocean shipment.



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    CORTEST Headquarters

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    P: 440.942.1235   |   F: 440.942.0327

    ©2017 CORTEST and all work represented. All rights reserved.